Lead B.I.G. + Sustain Momentum in our Mastermind
I'm excited to share a special opportunity on the horizon...
Up to 10 leaders will have the chance to join our Mastermind experience to deepen and strengthen the skills / habits we've developed to lead B.I.G. (with boundaries, integrity, and generosity).

Dozens of leaders have had BIG breakthroughs in SPARK Leadership, and it's been my honor to hold space for those SPARKS of transformation.
Implementing new habits (grounded in adaptive, inclusive leadership skills) and sustaining systems with integrity takes intentional work if we want to have maximal impact.  
Bottom line: when we learn new information and engage in new practices, we need time, support, and consistent systems to sustain new practices.

Speaking of information, remeber the Power C's? 
Each of the 5 C's requires intentional leadership competencies, skills, and habits.

And here's what I've noticed: without intentional time to deepen and strengthen systems and practices on ALL 5 C's, we don't have the impact we desire to have.

Without support and/or accountability, new habits don't get fully internalized. 

I've been there myself. 

I struggled to keep my head above water back in 2016 when I first started my business. I was working two jobs, taking night classes, and I TOO much on my plate and so much new information I struggled to priortize my action steps. (I call that the TMI syndrome) :) On top of that, I didn't have a consistent group holding me accountable for my goals.

So I designed a special program (that starts in 9/2018) specifically for leaders like yourself who have experienced S.P.A.R.K. and are ready to take their leadership to the next level.
In this program you will:
  •  Build on the foundation and add to your existing knowledge in a community of practice, deepening and strengthening your skills in all 5 C's (with the ability to go at your own pace)
  •  Embody what it means to lead B.I.G. (with boundaries, integrity, and generosity), following through with consistency
  •  Be held accountable, with love, in a community of consistent support 
How does that sound to you?
Each month, you will lead B.I.G. consistently. 

You'll also get crystal clear on your strengths AND limiting mindsets / blindspots impacting your leadership. 

  •  Get a biweekly workbook + video, all aligned with your biggest priority
  •  Engage in reflection and support on biweekly group Mastermind calls
  •  Have access to a Members-Only Facebook group for support and resource-sharing
The program kicks-off September 24th. 

If you want to keep the momentum going and SUSTAIN strong systems for your habits / priorities...you may be a perfect fit.
  •  Deep-dive support systems and strategies for your inclusive leadership development
  •  12 month road-map with monthly & quarterly adaptive priorities outlined
  •  Patterns interrupted (regarding the 5 c's) so you're leading with emotional intelligence and cultural consciousness
  •  Maximal impact on your team because you're showing up wth social intelligence and an intentional diversity/intersectionality lens 
  •  Your big rocks moved up the mountain with intentionality
  •  and more!

You'll also have unlimited access to me via text/email and get a 30 minute coaching call with me each month. 

I'm offering this for $297 per month. 

The next time I run this, the Mastermind investment will be $8,888.  

I'm offering this opportunity because I want it to be accessible, and I really want you to have the support you deserve. 

The individuals in the program will make the experience extraordinary...so we only have space for up to 10 leaders who are serious about taking their leadership and team to the next level and who are committed to their learning, growth, and development. 
Lead With a S.P.A.R.K. 

 IGNITE Transformation in your Leadership

Sustain B.I.G. growth & progress
Have questions? Email me at spark@rachelvrosen.com
About Rachel: 
Rachel is a seasoned facilitator, leadership coach, inclusion strategist, and speaker.

As a Coach and Strategist, she partners with influencers and helps them ensure that their communication and community-building approach is inclusive and intentional. In so doing, she helps her clients design and facilitate experiences for their diverse teams that allow them to unleash their potential to work together, build trust, and connect in meaningful ways. 

With a Masters from Stanford, a background in education, leadership development, and racial justice, Rachel is passionate about empowering influencers to lead with their S.P.A.R.K. and ignite positive shifts in the world.